Woman showing hands shaped as a love heart

Treat yourself this Valentine’s

Why wait for someone to tell you how amazing you are! This year we thought we would turn the tables on Valentine’s Day and look at ways you can show yourself some love. 

So, whether married, dating, or single, go on spoil yourself, be your own Valentine, and take some time out for you.

Take time for self-care!

We all lead busy lives, constantly on the go. 

Take some time to stop and practice some self-care. Go to a Yoga class, enjoy some pampering at home with a face mask or just have a well-deserved long soak in the bath. It’s good to step away from the hamster wheel, now and again.

Try Neom Bath Foam for a moment of indulgence.

Buy yourself a treat

Don’t wait for someone else to treat you, treat yourself! 

Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, sample that delicious chocolate you been dreaming of, invest in that new coat you have had your eye on or enjoy a weekly takeaway cappuccino. 

Discover Pixie Rose Flowers in North Berwick and Dunbar

Book a table for one

Put away the pots and pans and take yourself out for a meal! Brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner the choice is yours. 

If you feel self-conscious eating alone take a book or a newspaper and while away some hours eating delicious food that you have not had to cook. 

Try Archerfield Walled Garden or The Rocketeer for budget friendly food in great settings.

Unplug from technology

Have a break from the constant noise and turn off your laptop and mobile for a bit, even just an hour. Reconnect with what is around you and enjoy the peace.

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