Chris Lockett


After discovering from an early age that I was quite good at drinking I decided to pursue a career into it. Turned out I wasn’t too bad at selling it too so after learning more of the finer skills in the art of drinking, I managed to set up a business on the bonnie North Berwick high street at the age of 25. These days if I’m not at the shop I’m on my bike or hanging out with my three awesome girls.

What is the best thing about living and working in East Lothian?
Cycling, coffee and cakes. Living in Dunbar and working in North Berwick means my commute isn’t exactly a challenging one and my commute/days off are often mostly spent cycling around our glorious county and fuelling up on coffee and cakes from the abundance of great cafés.

What inspires you?
Mindfulness seems to be all the rage these days and so it should be. It’s always interested me so with that in ‘mind’ I’ve always admired a person’s ability to walk away from a bad situation and come away with a positive mind-set and be able to say that tomorrow is another day.

What’s your favorite wine and what type of food do you pair it with?
Tough one, there are SO many. Mince pies and Vin Santo, grilled seabass and Portuguese Vinho Verde are fabulous but surely there’s nothing better than smoked salmon and Champagne.

Drink after work? I do love a few pints of Knops and/or Topout (and maybe a dram) at the Station Yard Micropub in Dunbar especially on a Thursday night when you can enjoy live folk music.
Dinner date night? The Crown in East Linton is a winner and I’ll often head in their direction for a romantic meal date with Mrs L or a less romantic date with my cycling pals. Top burgers and steaks and they don’t mock us for wearing lycra.

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