With the change in season upon us, what better time to switch up our beauty routines? To help you transition into autumn we’ve rounded up a bunch of our favourite beauty hacks to ensure that you look flawless whatever the weather. 

Gentle Facial Buffing Cream by Sisley, £55,

We all want a glowing, radiant complexion, right!? Unfortunately, by the time autumn rolls around our skin can be looking somewhat lifeless. Good news – we can help our inner radiance make a come-back by exfoliating our faces on a regular basis. Once or twice per week, apply the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream which will improve skin texture and leave your complexion looking luminous. 

Equip The Lips
Our lips are one of the first areas to bear the brunt of cold weather – with little to no protective barrier they can be left feeling dry, sore and chapped in no time at all. Kiss goodbye to your dry lip woes with the ultimate duo from Dermalogica – the Nightly Lip Treatment and the Renewal Lip Complex – one to be applied before bed and the other throughout the day to improve elasticity, hydration and reduce the appearance of lines around the lips. Winner! 

Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo by R+Co, £22,

Summer can wreak havoc with our tresses – from salt sprays to SPF lotions, there will likely be a whole load of product build that we need to ditch before heading into autumn. Kick start the new season with a squeaky-clean, super-shiny mop with a salon-strength clarifying shampoo. Why not try the Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo to get rid of grease and oils, styling products and chlorine? Infused with tea tree oil, rosemary leaf extract and witch hazel, this delightful formula will deep cleanse and thicken the hair. Sign us up!

Soap and Glory ‘Hand Food’, £6.00,
The Body Shop Moisture Gloves, £7,

Colder weather coupled with an increase in
hand washing ain’t good news for our skin. If your hands are feeling itchy, dry or irritated then it’s time to lather up with some decent moisturiser. Why not try Soap and Glory ‘Hand Food’? This non-greasy, balmy formula absorbs significantly quicker than many other hand creams on the market. It also delivers deep and long-lasting moisture to dry skin, as well as smelling utterly delightful!  

Top Tip: If your hands are in need of a luxurious treat, apply a thick layer of your favourite hand cream before bed and slip on a pair of The Body Shop Moisture Gloves for a super nourishing overnight treatment.

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