As we find ourselves in the depths of winter during an ongoing lockdown, health isn’t far from our minds. Taking care of mind, body and soul is more important than ever so here’s our pick of the health, fitness and well-being trends to look out for as we move into 2021.

Exercise is good for our immune systems, something we’re all particularly aware of at the moment. Fitness for older people and at-risk groups is just as important as for anyone else, so expect to see gyms and fitness facilities offering services which can safely cater for them as the pandemic rumbles on. Think individual training, small workout groups and digital offerings.

They say that it’s the most important meal of the day, and with many of us working from home, there’s a little more time for us to spend preparing breakfast. Major food retailers are predicting that 2021 will see a huge focus on substantial breakfasts. Why not ditch the cereal and plan ahead for the week? From pancakes to baked eggs, posh porridge to avocado on toast, it’s a great way to start your day properly.

The design approach to sports bras hasn’t changed much over the years, and many women find that the thought of squeezing their way into one puts them off taking part in high-intensity exercise. However a new, high-tech engineering approach is being taken to them, with many big brands investing in new technology to enhance performance.

Millions of people around the world have been working out remotely this year, and many will continue to do so even post-pandemic. A huge craze this year has been Peloton’s spin bike, which lets you take part in live fitness classes with other users from around the world. They’ve just created two new products to add to their stable along the same lines – the Bike+ and the Tread – as well as a new class, Bike Bootcamp, which introduces strength training.

We know all about vegans and vegetarians, but have you ever considered becoming a flexitarian? The trend for reducing – but not cutting out entirely – meat and animal products is on the rise. This idea is toreduce your impact on the environment and improve your health without cutting out the things you love. Flexitarians enjoy a mainly plant-based diet while eating a little meat and setting their own boundaries for what works. With more and more supermarkets offering great veggie and vegan alternatives to meat, now is a better time than ever to give it a go.

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