As we hurtle towards 2020, it’s time to start thinking about those new year’s resolutions. Sure, it’s a bit predictable, but if it means making improvements to your health, fitness and well-being, what’s not to love? Take inspiration from our round-up of wellness trends to look out for in the new year.


Traditionally, we rush to the gym, change quickly, work out and rush back out again. However more and more gyms and studios are encouraging their members to use them as spaces for socialising, unwinding or working. Many are offering smoothie stations, chill-out zones and co-working spaces. One of the many benefits is that workouts aren’t rushed affairs, making hitting the gym a more pleasant experience all round.


Plant-based diets are nothing new, but the trend towards vegan and vegetarian eating is growing apace, thanks in part to increasing concerns about sustainability. People are now considering the environment, alongside health and animal welfare, when it comes to adopting a plant-based diet. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2040 only 40 per cent of the world’s population will be eating meat.


The power of nature to soothe your mind cannot be underestimated. In Japan, forest bathing has long been a popular pastime. Simply head to a quiet woodland area and ‘drink in’ the sights, sounds and smells of it. It’s a wonderfully healing experience which is fast growing in popularity in the U.K.


Meditation apps like Headspace are already hugely popular. Focusing on your breathing can be a great way to meditate and we’re seeing more apps available which can help you with this. Breathing techniques have a myriad of benefits, from calming the mind to boosting energy levels. An app allows you to build this healthy habit into your daily routine, whether you do it on your bus to work or on your lunch break.


Getting older means our bodies lose bone density and muscle mass, however the good news is that exercise can increase both. Regular exercise is crucial for slowing the aging process, and trend forecasters are predicting a slew of new classes designed specifically for older people in 2020.

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