As we all adjust to the new normal in the time of a global pandemic, we are more focused on health than ever. Keeping fit and healthy is good for the immune system, something we’re all hyper-aware of right now. Here’s our pick of the current health trends as we move towards winter.

Lockdown forced many of us to take our fitness routines outside, with lots of bootcamps springing up in parks and outdoor spaces. Even as gyms reopen however, many people are finding that they want to stick with outdoor workouts for now, even as the temperature drops. The good news is that there are more outdoor bootcamps taking place than ever before, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

Frozen food gets a bad rep, but it’s cheap, convenient and can be packed with nutrients. Furthermore, it’s less wasteful since it keeps for ages. More and more brands are coming up with options which make cooking creative and life easier, and big food suppliers like M&S are embracing them heartily. Look out for things like chopped garlic cubes or even full meal kits. No more chucking out those old bags of slimy spinach…

The past few years have seen more and more people switch to vegetarianism and veganism, but the newest buzzword when it comes to cutting out meat and dairy is “plantivores”. These are people who eat less or no animal products, but continue to eat meat-esque meals in plant-based forms. We’ve never had more options when it comes to meat substitutes, with supermarkets now stocking a wide range of options which taste just like meat.

New ranges of smart clothing are popping up everywhere. Under Armour has launched a smart sleepwear range that aids recovery and you can even buy smart swimwear that contains UV sensors so that it changes colour when you need to apply sunscreen. Manufacturers are now working on clothing which can predict your health by monitoring things like heart rate.

Kefir and kombucha have been around for a while now, known for their probiotic properties, but they’re really hitting the mainstream at the moment with studies finding that around 40 per cent of kefir is consumed by the over-65s. Delicious and good for aiding digestion, it’s a wonder-drink that’s here to stay. 

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