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Stress Free Travel Tips

Lost luggage, delayed flights, cancelled flights and airport chaos! This summer it has been one bad headline after another for the travel industry and a terrible start to many people’s long-awaited holiday.

Post-Covid we at The Cryer have been looking forward to getting away for a much-needed break in the sun, so we wanted to share with you some of our travel tips to make your holiday as stress-free as possible.

Pack a ‘be prepared’ cabin bag

With frequent tales of holidays ruined by lost luggage, this is one of the biggest tips to remain stress free. If you are going on a short weekend break then a cabin bag is all you may need but even if you are long haul, packing some essentials in the cabin could be a saviour.

Include in it some underwear changes, an extra pair of sandals, couple of light t-shirts, rolled up dresses or shorts, and a jumper. Don’t forget things like phone chargers, basic toiletries (keeping in mind the restrictions) and a toothbrush. That way at least if you lose your hold luggage for a few days you will not be caught short. 

Pack it all up in something stylish like these cabin bags from Tripp and you are good to go.

Do not panic with early departure times

Forget sleeping through your alarm or the taxi not turning up on time! Why not stay overnight at an airport hotel if you have an early flight. Major airports have lots of affordable options in their locality nowadays.

Yes, it is an added expense but if it means a good night sleep and turning up for your flight on time and refreshed, it is worth it.

Arrive at the airport early

This leads on from tip two. There is nothing worse than arriving at the airport and panicking about the location of the check-in desk etc and a vision of huge queues. 

So, give yourself plenty of time, say another hour added on to when you would normally arrive, around the time you expect check-in to open.

Keep your documents close

There is nothing worse than getting to check-in and fumbling around for passports, ID, and tickets. 

Simply keep them all together at the front of your cabin bag. We love these quirky and colourful travel wallets from House of Disaster.

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