Laura Thomas


With Spring looming, what better time than any to get goal setting? Moving with the natural rhythm of the year when nature is starting to come alive again, our energy is being gradually renewed by the longer daylight hours and our mindset shifts towards activity.

So how do you set goals that actually come to fruition? Put simply, with continual repetition!

Writing goals and intentions daily in a reporters notepad or simple notebook has a magic power. The repetition of doing this is so powerful. It taps into areas of the subconscious in our brains. By doing this it will make you move towards your dream life and towards the alignment of who you are without even knowing you are doing so.

Goals let us create our future in advance of it actually happening. Setting goals helps us grow and expand, pushing ourselves to transform in ways that we dream about but can often feel unrealistic.

Goals can turn around life. The focus is on the pattern of disciplining the behaviour, routine and habit of thinking about them and then the power of regularly writing them down.

4 Steps to Regular Goal Setting:

  • Buy a notepad or reporters notepad specifically for writing your goals in.
  • At the start of your day such as during breakfast, on the train to work, or at the start of your working day write 10 goals down. These can be personal, business or well-being goals. It is important that your goals are handwritten and not typed into an app. The power of pen to paper is part of the process here.
  • Every day re-write your goals (or as often as you can, however it must be regular). Don’t look at the page before, just write what is in your head (goals may vary slightly but it is amazing how close they will be).
  • Every six months check your goals. Look back on what you have written. Some goals take longer to complete than others. We often overestimate what we can do in a year and fully underestimate what can be achieved in a decade. Life goals take time. Laura has just launched a new range of candles for her new company LT Co. that took a whole year of planning, developing and working on the packaging. The goal of completion was written daily and repeatedly written again and again until it was completed. Many times people think they understand how to set goals, but then they never quite achieve what they were after. The action of repetitively writing your goals down creates a magic that, with discipline and focus, means goals will be achieved.

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