Fringe by the Sea

Fringe by the Sea is back!

Running in North Berwick from the 5th to 14th August it is the perfect opportunity to check out the best in award-winning authors, music, theatre, kids’ entertainment and more! 

Established in 2008, it is now one of Scotland’s most loved arts festivals and this year features its biggest ever programme. But before you go and grab your tickets, get up to speed on all you need to know about this thrilling celebration of the arts.

How it began

Skiffle band member Eric Wales originally proposed the idea of Fringe by the Sea when he considered selling tickets to “Seaside Skiffle” on the Fringe that included a train ticket from Edinburgh to North Berwick and an entrance ticket to the skiffle concert. 

Together with founding members Jane Thomson and John Shaw the Festival was launched and with it now returning for the 14th year in a row, it is safe to say the idea was a success.

What’s on this year

This years’ line up consists of over 200 different events, ensuring a festival which caters to everyone’s tastes. Here are some highlights:

‘Make Mess Matter‘ or ‘Make a Pixie Garden’ on the 11th where children can get involved in using natural materials and their imagination, are some of the various activities for families with young children. 

For adults planning to enjoy the festival child-free, attending the Hacienda night on the 5th or enjoying a specially created cocktail from Marine North Berwick accompanied by a chat with Author Alastair McKay from ‘The Boozy Book Club’ on the 10th is available. 

The Coulters Makers Market which consists of locally made arts and crafts is available to enjoy from 11am to 6pm daily. There is also a wide selection of food and drinks from the Street Food Market which includes great vegan and veggie options. 

Being eco-friendly 

The festival is taking steps to minimise its carbon footprint this year. For example, they encourage everyone attending to travel to the festival by foot, bike, or public transport when possible and bringing a reusable cup for drinks served at the festival.

All tickets are available to purchase from the Fringe by The Sea website – along with a full programme of all the events available for the week.

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