Boost your mood with Sound

Sound healing is an ancient holistic treatment that uses sound on and around the body. It is scientifically proven to have positive effects on mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

As a sound healing practitioner it still amazes me how expansive and beneficial this powerful treatment can be. I have worked with people with mental health issues, physical ailments, emotional blocks and also people seeking spiritual serenity. These treatments were especially advantageous during lockdown and providing online treatments to support people with their mental health. In personalised treatments, I use specialised therapeutic instruments, vocal toning and tuning forks to work together to enable healing in specific areas of people’s lives.

The participant is passive throughout, relaxed and cocooned in a womb-like comfortable space and fully clothed. All they need to do is surrender, rest and receive, the intention and sound are the magical ingredients. It’s still considered quite ‘far-out’ by many, but it’s physics really – the science is there. Sound works on sympathetic resonance which means the vibrations of sound match the body vibrations of the participant, harmoniously syncing together and creating internal balance and peace.

Sound healing has mood boosting qualities, helping you to release past trauma, to calm anxiety plus it has the ability to work as an effective tool for self-limiting beliefs. It can provide stimulus, vibration and joy. Sound can help you accept grief and challenging situations.

Sound can alter states of consciousness and ease you into a deep meditation, elevating stress from the mind and body and bringing clarity, reassurance and stability. Sound baths allow participants to receive healing vibrations and have the sound ‘wash over you’. You can often have visualisations, experience colours and sensations, and feel at one with yourself and connected to the universe. 

Sound healing can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, boost the immune system, relax tense muscles, help with pain management and ease discomfort. Sound works with the Indian chakra system, the energy centres in the body which, when balanced, can create calm in the whole body. 

Using sound therapeutically on and around the body can lower anxiety and stress levels, and soothe the central nervous system. Sound works on a cellular level and can help repair cognitive dysfunction, improve memory and support sleep issues and insomnia. It also has the ability to reset, renew and restore the mind. 

A sound practitioner can work with the participant to help soften transitioning into new situations, such as a new change of life and also work through challenges with other people. Sound can unveil hidden qualities to empower and create change, working with mental blocks and stagnation which can help free up space and find more flow in your life. 

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