Books for Cooks

Delight your culinary senses with these three top books for cooks, offering timeless recipes and revolutionary techniques and inspiring flavour pairings.

The Thrifty Baker   

by Hermine Dossou 

The Thrifty Baker is a culinary treasure trove for baking enthusiasts.

Filled with inventive recipes that maximise taste while being budget conscious, the book empowers bakers to create delicious treats without breaking the bank. Dossou’s expertise shines through as she shares techniques, tips and insights that allow readers to indulge in the art of baking while saving money.

Food Babe Kitchen  

by Vani Hari

A revolutionary guide to understanding and improving your relationship with food, Hari’s investigative approach exposes hidden additives and toxins in common foods, empowering readers to make healthier choices. Through research-backed insights and practical tips, the book educates on navigating the world of nutrition, enabling readers to take control of their diets and lead a more vibrant and mindful lifestyle. 

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat   

by Samin Nosrat

A ground-breaking book that revolutionises the way we understand and approach cooking, Samin Nosrat’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat emphasises the importance of four fundamental elements in achieving delicious and well-balanced dishes. Through engaging storytelling and insightful explanations, Samin explores how these elements work together to elevate flavours in various cuisines. The book encourages home cooks to trust their instincts, empowering them to experiment and create with confidence.

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