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Beat the January blues

Many of us can find January to be a tricky time, what with Christmas being over, cold weather setting in, and the prospect of longer and lighter days far in the future.

Here at The Cryer, we want to help you get 2023 off to a great start so in this article we look at some easy self-care tips to beat the blues and start the new year off right.

Get some much-needed quality sleep

A poor night’s sleep can really affect your day leaving you feeling grumpy and tired with a lack of focus. If you are well-rested you can start the day head on, feeling positive, energised, and refreshed.

Look to improve not only the quantity but quality of your sleep by following a few simple but easy pointers:

  • Don’t look at any devices in bed, ideally turn off your phone, laptop or tv at least 30 minutes before getting into bed
  • Make your bedroom dark and cosy. Invest in black out curtains or an eye mask
  • Read a book before going to sleep. It has been shown that reading even a few pages before bed can ensure a deeper sleep
Eat well for body and mind

Incorporating a balanced diet with oily fish, leafy vegetables, wholegrains, and lots of fruit helps achieve a healthy body and mind. Too much sugar, processed food and a lack of fruit and vegetables can leave you sluggish and without much energy.

If you are struggling for inspiration why not try one of our favourite recipe books for a new approach to easy and healthy meals. ‘Feel Good Food’ by Joe Wicks is great for the whole family.

Start a journal

Journalling can be a great way to clear your mind, improve your sense of wellbeing and focus. Write down some key positives from your day or those moments that maybe were not so great, getting them out of your head and onto paper can leave room for happier thoughts. 

Use your journal to write down some goals for the year or just some of your favourite things you like to do and make time for achieving them.

Discover Waterstones range of notebooks and journals here.

Take time to treat yourself

Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune at the spa but rather just ensuring you make time in your diary to switch off and relax away from daily challenges even for a moment.

This can be by having a long bubble bath or just curling up on the sofa to watch an episode of your favourite Netflix drama.

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