Alpine Wonders

Innsbruck, Austria, is a stunning destination year-round, but visiting in October is hiking season: the temperatures are pleasant, nature appears in all its glowing colours and, on clear days, there are fantastic views into the distance. Here we share our top three treks.

Nockspitze Piste: A Majestic Alpine Adventure
The Nockspitze Piste offers an awe-inspiring hiking experience that beckons both nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Towering at 2,403 meters (7,887 feet), this majestic peak promises breathtaking vistas and unforgettable moments. The starting point for this moderately difficult mountain hike is Axamer Lizum. For the ascent we recommend the variant via meadows and forest up to the so-called Halsl. From there the trail continues up a steep, grassy slope and then over rocky terrain to the top. 

Reaching the summit is an accomplishment worth savouring. The Nockspitze rewards hikers with a sense of triumph and a place to rest and recharge. 

Where the “fiery larches” produce beautiful colours
A fascinating natural spectacle can be observed in late autumn each year up on the Mieming Plateau: a colour spectrum that ranges from radiant yellow and orange tones to a warm copper red, putting the spotlight on the otherwise quite innocuous larch trees. This phenomenon is best observed on a short hike along the Obsteiger Larchsteig, the “larch trail”. Another highlight along the trail are the “foundlings” – boulders that were transported by glaciers to their present location during the Ice Age. In addition to the information points, there are pleasant places to rest. This short circular walk is ideal for families: the route takes some 45 minutes and is almost entirely flat. It starts and finishes at the Stern.

A paradise for hikers with the scent of pine: from the Patscherkofel to the Tulfeinalm
This high-altitude hike runs along the Zirbenweg, the Stone Pine Path, past ancient trees and dark red alpen roses at around 2,000 metres above sea level. The hike starts at the Patscherkofel summit station – a quick cable car ride up from Innsbruck-Igls – and takes about two and a half hours of leisurely ups and downs to the Tulfeinalm mountain inn. The tour offers numerous magnificent views of the Nordkette range opposite and of the valley of the River Inn. If you want to bag another peak along the way, the Viggarspitze can be climbed in about 30 minutes. For refreshments en route we recommend the rustic Boscheben hut or the Tulfeinalm at your destination, from where you can return to the valley via the Glungezer cable cars.

The free Welcome Card for guests offers participation in guided hikes until 30 October. In addition, the card includes free use of all public transport
in the Innsbruck region.

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