Different coloured tulips

5 top tips for fantastic flowers

With Spring just round the corner, Mother’s Day on the horizon and the weather hopefully starting to warm up, thoughts at The Cryer have turned to flowers!

Guaranteed to brighten up your mood and your home, whether given as a gift or bought as a treat, in this article we give you some top tips to keep your flowers looking beautiful!

Choose a great container

Put away that dusty old vase and spark your imagination when it comes to your flower display. Part of an eye-catching flower arrangement is the container that you showcase your flowers in.

You are only limited by your creativity as to what you can use. So think of watering cans, terracotta pots, vintage jars and glasses, buckets and more.

Select your flowers and foliage

In season flowers are less expensive so are worth looking at for your arrangement. Think about where it will sit in your house. Once you have this in mind you can start to think about which colour and variety to choose.

Don’t forget the foliage! This will add texture, fullness, and further colour to your arrangement.

Prepare your flowers

First measure up the length of your flowers against the container you are going to be placing them in so you know where to cut them. Then cut your stem at a 45 degree angle with secateurs or scissors, this helps to carry water and nutrients up the stem.  

Once you have cut the stem, remove excess leaves that will sit below the water, this will make your display more attractive and prevent bacteria.

Arranging your flowers

Start with your arrangement fillers, green foliage with the leaves trimmed from the stem. Then start adding the largest flowers around the edge of your container stem by stem. Work from the outside in, with even spacing and going from large, to medium and then small. 

Don’t forget fresh water!

Replace the water and flower food every three days to keep them looking great.

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