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5 Easy Energy Saving Tips

It is hard to ignore that energy costs are rising faster than ever. Many predict that by 2023 the average household could be paying up to £5000 per year!

With these headlines, there has been much in the news about ways to save money across all areas of your home. However it can seem overwhelming, so here at The Cryer, we have selected our top five tips to help you get ahead.

Buy a heated clothes dryer

Tumble dryers can be expensive to run as can switching on the heating to dry your clothes. With rainy days and frost, even if you are able to dry your clothes outside it is hard.

Because of this, heated clothes dryers have become a bit of a must-have with Lakelands range proving a sell-out.

Offering a more environmentally friendly and cheaper way to dry clothes (around 15p an hour compared to over £2.00 for most tumble dryers) why not check out this one from Argos.

Use your microwave not the oven for reheating

They can heat up food far quicker than an oven making them more cost-efficient. We like this compact one from Panasonic.

It is easy to use, slim and stylish and comes with five power levels. It also offers nine automatic programmes to cook everything from a jacket potato to fish.

Swap to an energy-efficient kettle

Who doesn’t love a cup of tea?! But with homeworking and colder days, those endless cups of tea can add up in energy costs.

Why not swap to a more energy friendly kettle? This affordable one from Cookworks offers great all-round energy effectiveness.

Invest in a warmer duvet

A great duvet will keep you warm at night in bed or on the sofa! So before thinking about an electric blanket or having to put the heating on for longer, why not look at some of the new cosy ones on the market such as this from Duvet Hog.

Add rugs and draught excluders

This is a simple but effective tip to help warm your home. If you have wooden uninsulated flooring, you can lose a great deal of heat. Thick rugs and draught excluders can prevent heat from escaping. They also add to the cosiness and aesthetic of a room.

Try Ruggable and Dunelm for some great choices.

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